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ZenQ Dessert is an international dessert chain originated from Taiwan who is mandated to infuse traditional desserts with new life. From the signature collagen-riched grass jelly series, to our delicious glutinous rice desserts and onto the best gift of summer, our silky-smooth shaved ice series, everything is nothing like what you have tasted before.


Ensuring your ZenQ experience an excellent and personal one is our only job! Working with the best local suppliers allows us to cherry-pick the best ingredients for our sweet addition. Choosing from more than a dozen toppings, you get to personalize your very own dessert to your liking.


Extending the success we had in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia, ZenQ Canada is proud to bring this unique Taiwanese dessert experience to Canada!


Zen symbolizes “grass jelly” in Chinese and Q is slang for “chewiness”. Together, it represents the two signature items by ZenQ Desserts, the collagen-riched delicious grass jelly and Q balls (matcha, yam and taro flavored) that bounce in your mouth.


Our brand has been proven to be a successful story globally, currently with more than 20 outlets in major cities in Asia / Australia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan are only few of those! With great response, Lakaffa International (parent company of ZenQ desserts and Chatime) aims to bring 30 more franchises, marching into new countries like Canada, Vietnam and Hong Kong! The key to success is to understand our customers and localize our menus. Trust us! We have done it before!


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